5 of the Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry in Battle Creek

Pediatric Dentistry in Battle Creek

Making sure you take proper care of your child’s baby teeth is extremely important. Just because they’re not permanent does not mean it’s okay for them to be neglected. In this post, we will look at five of the benefits of pediatric dentistry in Battle Creek from Halonen Family Dentistry.

Alignment of permanent teeth

The main benefit of healthy baby teeth is that they properly guide permanent teeth. If a tooth is extracted because of decay, other teeth will more than likely shift which can cause crowding and gaps and other problems as permanent teeth grow. If a baby tooth must be removed, dental hardware should be used to prevent the remaining teeth from shifting around.

Instill confidence

Unfortunately, other children can be cruel, and teeth can be a major cause of bullying. Your child deserves to feel comfortable laughing, smiling, and talking without fear of being made fun of.

Improved overall health

Teeth that are properly cared for improve overall health. Children who have issues with their baby teeth, such as decay, are more likely to experience nutrient deficiency because of an inability or a discomfort when chewing certain foods. The bacteria that is created in decaying teeth also correlate to a higher chance of getting strep throat.

Help with speech

This may not be something you have thought about. However, if a child loses their baby teeth too early, their permanent teeth may come in crooked which can affect their ability to speak properly and annunciate.

Creating proper oral hygiene habits

In a child’s early years, habits are formed whether they’re good or bad. If your child is taught the important of oral hygiene and takes good care of their baby teeth, they’re more likely to keep up this good habit once their permanent adult teeth come in.

If you have any questions, or would like to set up an appointment for pediatric dentistry in Battle Creek, do not hesitate to contact Halonen Family Dentistry today!

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